INTERVISTA di Kristen per Grazia Italia (translated in english by us)

It’s so weird to meet Kristen Stewart in New York. We both live in L.A, and today we’re at the Crosby Hotel, near the World Trade Center. The reason is that she’s so busy with the promo tour of her new movies : The sci-fi Equals & the sophisticated comedy of Woody Allen Cafe Society.

The 26 year old is one of the most paid actresses of the world, after lots of work on set , she’s starting her new adventure as a director and she desire innovation.
One of it, it’s on her forearm and it says: “one more time with feeling”, the usual quote that every director usually say to their actors and we can actually translate it into : “let’s shoot the same scene again, but now with more feeling”.
Actually, Kristen says it’s a lifestyle ” if it’s not right the first time, you can alway try again and put your heart into it.”
And even if during our meeting i can’t ask anything about her private life and the relationship she has with Alicia Cargile, after the french singer Soko, today Kristen wants to talk about feelings.
Especially because they are the centre of her two new movies : in Equals she play Nia, a girl, who lives in a futuristic society where any tipe of emotions are banned, she fell in love with Silas, the guy played by Nicholas Hoult.
In Cafè Society, she is Vonnie, a secretary wearing Chanel and Jesse Eisenberg fell in love with her.

In your recent movies you had to deal with different type of love: the platonic one, the love of a teenager, passionate love, the love between two friends and the one way love. Which is the most addictive?

K: there’s no one better than the others.
You can’t define love and you can’t live without it. I act in different ways with everyone : i have a different relationship with my friend, with my family and even now i am acting different because you’re interviewing me. There’s lot of ways to love ourselves and to love other people.

In the movie Equals you play a girl who lives in a society where people who can love risk their life.

K: yeah, it’s actually not my type of world.

Instead, in Cafè Society by Woody Allen , your character, Vonnie, has to choose between a grown man but succesful, played by Steve Carell, and a young guy without money, Jesse Eisenberg. Who would you choose?

K: the movie is set in the 30’s, at that time, the priority for a woman was to find someone who could take care of her. The female indipendece wasn’t even a topic to discuss. What you will see in the theaters is a girl who have so much fun with the rich man played by Carell, but she even discover a quite life, more intimate, with the guy without money.

You didn’t tell me who would you choose.

K: i don feel comfortable choosing instead of the characters that i play. I personally love spending time with Jesse Eisenberg, so i will eventually end up with him.

Have you ever suffered for love?

K: suffered? I have been devastated.

And how did you heal?

K: moving on with my life, making my own choices without looking behind.
At first you suffer but then you realize that every minute spent suffering will make you feel stronger and conscious.
I woudn’t change anything about that pain : i prefer to suffer than being insensitive. And we have to remind that we are the cause of our happines and we are made to fall in love. Damn, i should write one of those help-book for people who have a broken heart.

Last week you appeared in a Talk Show and played Twister with the conductor Jimmy Fallon. You showed your competitive side. Have you always been like this?

K: i was the only girl in my family, my life have always been like : ” i can do it too, i can do it too”. I dont actually want to emerge in every situation, but if i play, i want to win and i am not shy to say it. But usually people like you more if you just loose.

You’re a worldwide celebrity, a style icon and one of the most paid actresses. What would you do if you could enjoy being anonymous?

K: i would take a walk alone, or i will just go to a mall or a place full of people. Not because i like mall, but because i could finally get to see people’s faces without being recognized. Sometimes i think that i’ve become an actress just because of my curiosity about people’s life.

You started at a young age, you were 9 when you played jodie foster’s daughter in the movie Panic Room. What did it make you curious back then?

K: at first i was only thinking about getting a job, go to the set and have some lines to play. After i found out how much passion i had about cinema and how much art there is in making every single scene.

We met in 2007 for the movie Into The Wild, but you were still a young shy private girl. Now you’re a determinated and confident woman. What more do we have to expect from you?

K: A movie, my movie. In the last year i worked on five different sets and now i have the chance to realize in 3 weeks a short movie that i wrote. I am so happy, i wanted to create something mine since i was a kid and now i have the chance to.

What the movie is about?

K: the name is Come Swim , but i will talk about it when it’s done. The lead actor is one of my friend named Josh. He’s not an actor but he’s phenomenal. You will see.

Did you ask any advice to your friend and mentor , Jodie Foster?

K: when i told her about the movie, the first thing she said was : ” the first thing you have to learn is that you have nothing to learn. You’re ready.”
She gave me some courage.

What scares you?

K: when i was a kid i had anxiety and i didnt know where it came from. Growing up , i learned that it’s pretty normal to have insecurity moments.

Thanks to the Twilight saga, where you were in love with the vampire played by your ex Robert Pattinson, you have been a teenager icon. You still enjoy the benefits of it?

K: well yeah, no one would have funded my short movie if i didnt play Bella.

The Woody Allen’s movie is set in Los Angeles, the city where you live. Do you feel at home in Hollywood?

K: i live in the East area, the alternative one and less turistic, like Brooklyn for New York. In the movie the director of photography ,Vittorio Storaro, show an Hollywood with a golden light and it is actually the one i get to live in california, solar and positive.

The highlight of the movie are the Chanel dresses that you get ti wear. Did you get get to own one of them?

K: not this time. I usually get one from every set because, at the end of the movie, i feel like no one should wear the dresses of the characters i played. This time was different, they were pure art and they were really expensive.

If i could open your wardrobe what would i find inside? The dresses you get to wear on the red carpet?

K: one of two , yes. Especially the ones from the Met Gala. But the most of them is borrowed. In my wardrobe you would find lots of tshirts and sneakers.

That’s all?

K: yes but they’re all very unique.


Sorry if our english is not perfect.



Intervista – Kristen parla del lavorare con Woody Allen per (Nostra traduzione)

Prima domanda random: Qual’è il tuo animale spirituale? E scusa se ti ho messo in una posizione in cui potresti rispondermi con una battuta.

Si.Anche io penso troppo a queste cose. ” Cosa significa davvero? Tu ne hai uno?”

Ho deciso che il mio è un tricheco, per nessuna ragione.

Hai  visto ” The lobster?”

Si. possiamo parlare di “The Lobster” se lo preferisci.

Mi piace da morire quel film. Mi incontrerò con il regista [Yorgos Lanthimos].Quello che ho pensato era strano – e non so come potrei inserirmi in tutto  questo come attrice – che ogni frase in quel film fosse una metafora. Crea le condizioni di una vera realtà sospesa. Non ho mai visto nessuno farlo. E poi mi chiedo come si siano sentiti gli attori. Perchè stai davvero costruendo qualcosa, non ho mai lavorato così.

Anche Woody Allen ha il suo stile personale, ma non così estremo come in “The Lobster”. Sei una di quelle persone che è cresciuta vedendo tutti i suoi film?

Non ho visto tutti i suoi film – nemmeno la metà. Quelli che mi piacciono davvero sono, ovviamente “Annie Hall”. Il mio preferito è “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” mi piace quel film da impazzire.

Possono essere molto oscuri e onesti, ma non in modo depresso. Come a dire “questa è la vita!”

Credo che abbia un approccio casuale alle sue ansie. Le persone che sono così sopraffatte ed esagerate non sono davvero oppresse dall’ansia. Quelli che sono tipo ” Ho avuto a che fare con tutto questo sin da quando sono nato. Ho sempre pensato a questi pensieri esistenziali che sento alla bocca dello stomaco e che non riesco a far passare.” Questo per me è interessante.Al contrario, se non si è mai felici non si proverà mai dolore.

Qui i personaggi hanno davvero degli alti e bassi. Hanno i cuori spezzati ma poi vanno avanti pensando con affetto al passato.

Quello che amo di questo film è il suo ottimismo. La gente pensia sia triste, ma [il suo personaggio-Vonnie] non è triste e il personaggio di Jesse Eisenberg non è triste. Si hanno due personaggi che si guardano indietro e pensano ” Non ho bisogno di possederlo o tenerlo stretto per potergli dar valore.” Tutte le persone mi chiedono ” Ha fatto la scelta sbagliata?.” Io sono tipo ” Non lo so.” Non è riguardo questo.

Solitamente l’amore è così la fine-del-mondo nei film. Se la relazione finisce la vita dei personaggi finisce. Ma a volte l’amore ha una fine e si va avanti.Scusami sto blaterando.

Faccio la stessa cosa anche io costantemente. Ma tu hai pienamente ragione e capisco cosa stai dicendo.

Sto pensando a qualcosa di brillante ma non lo sto articolando in alcun modo.

La stessa cosa succede sempre [indica se stessa] anche qui.

Ma è terribile perchè trascriverò la tua intervista e riformulerò le mie domande così da sembrare più intelligente.

Questo è un ottimo punto. Non è giusto.

I giornalisti sono dei cretini

Si, vi odio tutti.

Dovrei chiederti della tua esperienza nel lavorare con Woody Allen, ha davvero un modo inusuale nel lavorare con gli attori. Non parla con loro e non gli da troppe direzioni. Molti attori amano questa cosa altri ne sono impauriti. Come è stato per te?

Non ci ho messo molto per adattarmi al suo modo di lavorare.Molti attori cercano sempre di proteggere i loro piccoli attori e il loro ego. Vogliono riempirli di fiducia, perchè un attore più sicuro di sè è meglio. Lui fa l’opposto. Molti altri attori venivano da me a dirmi “penso che mi odi” e io ero tipo “Fidati, pensavo che odiasse anche a me. Penso che potrebbe ancora odiarmi”. Se avessi avuto delle domande sapevo di non potergliele fare, poichè voleva che fossimo noi stessi a pensarci da soli. È una cosa carina. Puoi prendere un pò di sicurezza da tutto questo. Ma potrebbe anche venire da me e dirmi “sembri terribile”


Oh si perchè non gli piace il vestito. “Dobbiamo cambiarlo.” lui non ha proprio..

Buone maniere?

Nessuna. Ero tipo “sto incasinando tutto vero?” e Jesse era tipo ” è il suo modo di essere”


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